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We were commissioned to create a fresh new brand strategy, positioning and visual language of a new innovative design & architecture bureau based in Moscow.

We worked closely with a team of partners and architects on building a brand and the name Sanaya Studio was chosen.

Brand genesis: Sanaya Studio is a team of architects, designers, contemporary artists and representatives of other art disciplines from around of the world based in Moscow.

The studio has developed an interdisciplinary practice that allows you to look on interior design from the new side. It focuses on innovative space design that aims to solve specific problems.

Sanaya Studio creates not only designs, but it also creates an experience through which you will want to go through many times. The creative design process is the center of its work that is based on a professional engineering and technological platform of the studio’s practice.

With its work Sanaya Studio answers the questions of functionality, beauty, the purpose and emotions of its clients spaces.

Sanaya Studio creates stories and experiences between people and spaces, between spaces and objects and between objects and people.


SECTOR: Real estate